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He did this without a bathroom break, didnt throw up, and sitting up straight ! You the Man, you the Man. Sneaky vodka. I like to use Bundaberg or homemade ginger beer (that I found in a cookbook from the 50s. Nick is like a very close friend of mine. He always listen to me with understanding eyes and he never judges me. Even if I talk for 10 hours 32 minutes 45 seconds, I know he can listen to me and be always there for me. Thank you, Nick. Thank you, mate... I like to add a splash of club soda and some mint leaves to my moscow mule. Is Nick channeling Andy Kaufman right now. This made my finals OK.

Genial. Best frreek'n joke ever! I put this on my TV and my parents thought that it was a video conference! I told them that he's waiting for me to come back from the bathroom, lol. Ooh a sponsored video, look who's becoming famous! D great vid, btw you got a typo in there at 7:11 :P. Look at you with the sponsors. For real though, audible is great. Damn hip musicians and their complicated shoes. WOO! our boi has got himself a sponsor! proud of you. This is the best video I have ever seen and i'm a better person for having viewed it. Thank you.


Is this the single greatest thing on YouTube. He should've had a cigar :P. WatCh moVie xMoVIes8 (HDRip) watch MULE-TIDE CHRISTMAS movie 2018 Mule-Tide Christmas full movie you tube Movie Watch Mule-Tide Ch`ristmas Watch Episodes Online…. Ive seen/made these with mint muddled in and its really good, any idea where that came from.

Liked and favorited for the way you said Moscow Mule in the beginning of the video. In Moscow mule rides you 🤷🏻‍♂️. Someone put this on the big screen tv in the lobby of our building at work. I could swear his eyes were following me. Wow wow his looking on me. looks like he is on my living room my living. I'd really like to see Hemingway's Death in the Afternoon, or any variations on it. Its a simple drink, champagne and absinthe, but if you get the ratio right its delicious. If I tried to operate a fireplace, I would definitely cause a five-alarm inferno.

Found this channel through the Butterbeer video. Then this video gets recommended, featuring my favourite drink. This is now my favourite YouTube channel.

Mule-Tide Christmas English Film Live Steaming

Yessss im earllyyyy Edit: WOW i have never gotten a heart before😱❤.